Featured: Cupcakes fit for a king

We always see that huge cake the bride & groom cut at wedding receptions. I was never sure if it was a real cake, especially since we as guests never got to eat them.

Well, cupcakes are now the latest trend. And many couples use them to replace that big 3-tiered wedding cake because they’re bite-sized and can be shared between guests! Many lovely cupcake shops are popping up to offer us those lovely sweet treats. I previously blogged about having a cupcake bar (#2) in your wedding for your guests to enjoy!

Well, just the other day I chanced upon a lovely cupcake store at Far East Plaza, TenEleven Cupcakes. They’re a pretty store sitting in the basement of the complex. It was really pretty, furnished in white and pink pastel colours and it really stood out to catch my eye. When I got to check out their cupcakes, they had really lovely flavours (like macha). Their facebook album showcases many of their unique flavours too!


Banoffee – I suppose this is banana + toffee!

Jam Cupcake – The jam oozing out from the middle just looks too good to resist.

Looks so good right???? 😀 😀

I was gonna go for a buffet at Ramen Ten (never going there again please), so my tummy couldn’t afford a full cupcake. But they had lovely samples for trying! Their cupcakes are soft, and the flavour just melted in my mouth. I even got to have a little chat with the owners of the shop, which really made my day. They’re a super friendly & sweet couple who started out this cupcake shop just recently, and they cater for celebration events like wedding receptions, birthday parties and more! They named their cupcake shop after their birthday months, which I think makes it super special!

cupcake 1

Handara, the lovely lady behind all these gorgeous treats has a huge passion for baking- which assures you that you’re in for a real treat when you taste 10-11 cupcakes.

Always make food that you yourself will eat – Handara Isman

They even created specials for mums and dads! So I’m sure they can create something really special for your wedding.



Their cupcakes are priced at $3.50 each. But the best thing is if you buy more, you save more! They do deliveries too, and you can contact them via email here.

That’s all folks, till the next time!


TenEleven Cupcakes
14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza #01 -54/55
(+65) 8514 7991


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