10 Reasons why You love someone

ImageThere’re always tons of reasons why you love each other, and compiling it in a list can be challenging (especially if you want to get all the way up to 100) but yet totally fulfilling at the same time because reminding yourselves why you both are so madly in love with each other is a thoroughly amazing and enjoyable process.

And here’s 10 reasons why you can love someone so much:

#1) There’s always someone to do things with. Whether it’s your favourite pastime or whether you’re being adventurous & trying something new for the first time, there’s always someone to do it with.

#2) You can plan for a holiday anywhere anytime. You know each other’s schedules so well that you can just book a flight to get outta here- it’s that simple.

#3) In life, there’s always the good times and bad times. And having someone means company throughout it all.

#4) You get to plan surprises, think up great ideas, buy nice gifts, and make meaningful gifts for someone. & you get to receive some in return. What a nice exchange.

#5) Even the most boring of times seem enjoyable.

#6) You get to share. And sharing is caring.

#7) Reminiscing the romantic memories and daydreaming about the future can be just so fun.

#8) You can be yourself in many different ways. And not get judged (haha, or maybe you do but it’s okay nonetheless).

#9) Everyone in a relationship quarrels, even friends do. But getting over it together is the best part. And you know that you both can pull through.

#10) You’re never alone.


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