Top 10 Blogshops to get your Bridesmaid dresses

top 10 online blogshops
Your big day’s coming up, and you’ve got truckloads of things to pay for – your stunning gown, the scrumptious dinner, professional photographers, a classy venue, beautiful flowers and more. But of course you still want your bridesmaids to still be dressed up lovely in line with your wedding theme! What dress you choose also depends whether it’s for a day or night celebration. Apart from the quality of the material & the design of the dress, what makes bridesmaid dresses so gorgeous is the fact that many of your intimate girlfriends are going to be all in the same attire!


So, here’s a list of HOT online blogshops you can grab your dresses from (at great prices too).

1. MDS Collection
This is my favourite store of all time. I recently frequent here so yeah you can imagine why I’d put this as #1. But it’s not just my biasedness that gets it to the top of my list, they do offer some really lovely quality clothing that can allow your bridesmaids to pull off whatever theme you have.

Whether it’s the Party theme, (Kitty Paradise Tube Dress $57.40)


or a Classy Princess Theme (Back in Greece Dress $68)

Or even a casual tie-dye theme (African Dreams Dress $33), MDS has dresses to fit your wedding occasion!

Match your Tribal Theme  with MDS’s Indiana Rave Midi Dress $48 for boho chic vibes,
mds.1 mds.11

Or if you’re choosing to go ballerina style, MDS’s Ballerina Practice Frock $72 will be gorgeous to don your bridesmaids up for the occasion!
mds.2 mds.21
(photo credits to MDS Collections)

What else can I say? They have it all. 😉

2. Intoxiquette
This blogshop hosted by livejournal, is definitely a hidden treasure I found lately. Let the photos do the talking. You can find gems in their collections, or go straight to their Bridesmaid Section. The best part is that they have styles in different colours so it’s so easy to find one that matches your theme to a T.

Go all Classy Upper East Side with Collection 202’s Miss Audrey Hepburn Pearl Maxi Dress $40) 0r Hollywood Red Carpet Style with Pearlescence beaded evening maxi dress
intox1intox 5

Or pick a Fairytale theme with Collection 202’s Eternal Love Chiffon Multiway Dress in Pink/White $38

If you’re having a afternoon High Tea party theme, this Fairytale Dreams Laced Dress in White & Peach $29 is perfect. 
(photo credits to Intoxiquette)

3. Tracyeinny
If you’re into going all Mad with Prints, check out Tracyeinny’s Vivi Feather Printed Maxi $28 for your lovely girls trace1
Or go for Modern Contemporary with this Theora Maxi $36.
Plus, they have 2 outlets in Pickering Street and Bugis that you can visit!

(photo credits to Trayceinny)

4. Love Bonito
I’m sure y’all know how popular this blogshop became in the recent years, and they’ve launched a bridesmaids collection too! Featuring a range of gorgeous cocktail and chiffon dresses, their dresses are definitely worth spending on! Check some of my favourites out below.

Go for Chic Timeless Elegance with Love Bonito’s Daniela Dress or Rochale Bustier $32 from Love Bonito, sensationally streamlined for a party

Or if you’re at a white sands Beach wedding, pair it up with Alena Dresses $32 or a Tisdale Pink pretty bodycon styled Toga $32


Or celebrate Spring Romance if you’re having a wedding by the lake with this sun-drenched Fabrienne frock $34 or Ledea Dress $34.

5. My Little Bow
I haven’t ordered from this store before, but their reasonable prices yet lovely designs seem appealing! If you wish to order for your several bridesmaids, I suggest you contact them directly!

Go for a Champagne Lovin’ theme with MLB’s Convertible Maxi Dress $35 or if you’re going for Bold Elegance this season, check out their Navy Blue convertible maxi dress $35.


(photo credits to My Little Bow)

6. Amber Avenue

Who said bridesmaids always had to be in laces and frills? If you’re celebrating a Church wedding, or having an afternoon tea brunch, that calls for a totally different design- something more lightweight and casual will fit the occasion!

If you’re going for the Sweet look, opt for a AA’s Eyelet Pleated Dress $28.50. If you’re going for a Big party splash theme, opt for AA’s Assymetric Toga $29.50
aa4 aa1

7. Her Velvet Vase
Party dresses are also quite the big hit! If you’re into flora and bright patterns, these pieces will be stunningly gorgeous for your theme.

Go for a Baroque Floral Peplum Dress $26 or a Tropical Blaze Bandeau $25.50!


Lilypirates also have some lovely floral dresses for a bright sunny wedding day! Pretty Woman Dress $33

Clothing Candy

Clothing Candy has tons of dresses in their Bridesmaids range! You can spend all day scrolling through and picking your favourites with your girls. But let me warn you first, cause narrowing down to a few options won’t be easy. Though their prices are slighly higher than my previous few options, I’m sure these classics won’t let you down!

Celebrate with a Mermaid themed wedding and have it paired with Clothing Candy’s Sweet Aqua Green $79.13

Or go for a Cocktail Party styled with CC’s Classic Floral One Shoulder Dress $79.13 or opt for a more edgy fashionable cocktail evening with CC’s Floral Prints Black Tube Dress $79.13
cc1 cc3

9. The Closet Lover 

If you love the Audrey Hepburn style to go classy vintage, this piece from The Closet Lover is pretty apt! Lace Lanquer Dress $30

TCL’s Adalyn Printed Dress $29.50 is a good fit for vintage classy too!
tcl5 tcl5.1

Or if you’re in for a Garden of Eden theme, here’s TCL’s Garden Symphonia Dress $29!
tcl3 tcl3.1

Check out these two flower-donned maxis by TCL! Eden Floral Maxi $30 and Secret Floral Maxi $24

tcl1 tcl4

Remember to always take note of what materials each piece is made of, so you’ll have an idea of whether it’s suitable for a formal event! For formal events, I wouldn’t recommend cotton jersey materials. But if it’s a fun-loving party/picnic where everyone’s dressed casually, then jersey cotton is fine! Everything’s up to you to decide, it’s YOUR wedding! 🙂

10. PS with Love

I spotted some pretty pieces here that gives for great ideas!

For an Outdoors tea party/brunch, you can go for dresses like Paisley Floral Prints Asymmetrical $26.50

For some serious retro lovin’, you can go for Vienna Bowback Dress $27.50

I don’t know if some of you have realised, but YESSS I’m totally in to floral and print outfits for weddings! 😀 I totally think that bridesmaids should be outstanding (of course never more outstanding than the bride) and can be spotted with one glance. Since most guests attending will be in full-colour dresses and suits, what could be a better way than to splash your bridesmaids with prints and floral designs so they can stand out in the crowd!

Check out Lula Waterpastel Dress $28 by OhVola!

Or opt for a more conservative cutting from Alyssandra to fit most body types! Floral Printed Dress $59

And to end off this post, if you’re wondering how to pick suitable dresses for your pretty bridesmaids, this post from Perfect Weddings might help! Happy shopping loves!


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