Two types of people in this world.

There are two types of people in this world.

Let’s admit it, there are always going to be the evil ones on this earth. Leave them alone. Leopards never change their spots. Don’t waste your time, energy and effort feeling negatively because of them. Just heck them. Because however much you try, these people never reciprocate kindness. They lack compassion and good qualities- no matter what you do. Yes, “give more and receive more” is a good practice- but give smartly, and definitely not to these people. These people don’t care and only look to take advantage. To these people, give less and walk away.

But let’s look on the bride side. There are people on this earth who are kind and truly amazing. These are the people who are worth your time and emotions. Invest your love into these people, because they bring with them all the good things- hope, smiles and laughter. These kind people will make you feel that life is really good because they give. So stick with them, give and be good too. Fill their lives with love, and get love back in return.

Life’s good. Don’t focus on the evil ones. Remember, keep your head up and eyes forward- at the nice ones.


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