A Promise to Love

Vow: (noun)
1. A solemn promise, pledge, or personal commitment:marriage vows; a vow of secrecy.
2. A solemn promise made to a deity or saint committing oneself to an act, service, or condition.
3. A solemn or earnest declaration.

“I take thee to be my lawfully wedded wife, in my heart that you will be a faithful friend and a true and loving companion. On this special day, in the presence of God, our loving family and friends as witnesses, I give to you my scared vow that as your husband, I will always be with you and support you- in times of sickness and health, in times of joy and sorrow. I promise to love you wholeheartedly, to console and comfort you during difficult times, and to share with you life’s simplest but most enduring pleasures. I promise to respect and protect you, to honor you and to provide for you. I vow to laugh and grieve with you, to be truthful and honest to you, to always encourage and support you, and to cherish you for as long as we both shall live.”


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